The Repair Process

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  1. VISUAL ESTIMATE: The vehicle’s identification information is entered into a computer base program along with the visible vehicle damage. This data is compiled to give an estimate of the repair cost. Remember often there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until disassembly.
  2. INSURANCE APPROVAL: The insurance company will review the estimate with us to verify the damage. There will be some negotiation on price; your policy may have some limitations concerning the type of parts that can be used. We will be explaining this to you so you understand how it may affect your vehicle. Insurance will also verify coverage of the damage.
  3. DISASSEMBLY: This is when hidden damage is often found and structural repairs are determined. This may require the insurance company to reinspect the damage found. This is when all moldings and trim are removed from the exterior of the vehicle in the areas that will be refinished. This is to ensure a factory finish.
  4. PART ORDERING: The parts that are required to repair your vehicle will be ordered. Many partsare received quickly, but repairs cannot start until any structural components are received.
  5. STRUCTURE REPAIRS: This is when the inner structural repairs are performed on a specialized machine that allows us to check with a computerized measuring system, that all structural components are returned to their original factory locations.
  6. BODY WORK: At this point is when the repair and or replacement of exterior panels are performed. Alignment and proper fit is achieved at this point. The vehicle is then prepared for refinishing.
  7. REFINISHING: Preparation is the most important step in the refinishing process. All components are prepared for refinishing to ensure good adhesion of the base color and clear coat.
  8. REASSEMBLY: All the components that were removed for repairs and refinishing are now reinstalled and tested.
  9. PREPARE FOR DELIVERY: During the repair process the vehicle may have accumulated dust from those repairs. Your vehicle will be cleaned and all systems that may have been disturbed during the repair will be tested.
  10. DELIVERY: Your vehicle is now ready for you to drive away with the comfort of knowing it was repaired to its pre accident condition. You will not even think it was ever in an accident.


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