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Facts About Insurance

The following is some of the issues we deal with daily.

We are not anti-insurance company but pro-consumer.

  • They will try to make you feel that somehow you are obligated to them. Remember you have a contract with them (your policy) to indemnify (pay) you for a loss (damages).  You are the customer! They have an obligation to you.
  • They will try to control the repair process, such as where to have your vehicle repaired or how it will be repaired. Connecticut State Law is clear you choose the facility and we are the repair professional not them. Your only obligation to them is to allow them to document the damage. We will negotiate the cost with them.
  • The number 1 issue with insurance companies is money $. They are in business to pay dividends (profits) to their shareholders, not to pay out for losses. They sometimes need to be reminded of their obligations to their policyholders.
  • They may tell you that they will not guarantee the work if you have the repairs done by us. We feel this is funny, as to how would they guarantee the work anyway when the law prohibits them from performing the repairs to your vehicle. Hansen Auto Body are the repair professionals, not them. We have a Lifetime Guarantee on all your repairs so this tactic is meaningless.
  • They may say it is easier to take it to one of their shops for repairs. Easier for whom, you or them? We handle claims every day.
  • Their shops have made concessions to the insurance company to receive work; will they make concessions to the insurance company in how the vehicle is repaired? They are after all their customers, not you the vehicle owner.
  • They may offer a concierge service for repairs. This is another attempt to control the repair process. You will not even know who repaired your vehicle. You will have assigned your rights to the insurance company. Would you allow a stranger to work on your house?

At Hansen Auto Body, we answer all your questions and make the repair process as transparent as possible.


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